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Versão Portuguesa
(09/11 - 23/11)

During this period, we will be open
every day, except Saturdays and Sundays.

Keep enjoying your meals with us,
with absolute confidence
and total security.

Entraguas Restaurant is a well known reference in Cascais for its balanced great cuisine, excellent welcoming and sensitive service provided. The restaurant name was inspired by its location facing the sea, where the Tagus waters meet the Atlantic. As obvious, the view over the ocean is one of its marking characteristics. Especially at the end of the day, as the horizon paints itself with soft colours and the sky starts fading to black. For the smooth atmosphere that characterizes the restaurant, its well-thought illumination is very important. Besides, it is in its lovely decoration that Maria Ana Pinto’s intervention is more noticeable. She has brilliantly managed to give it a very clear and personal mark.
house specialities

- Cold Crab Mayonaise
- Fresh Oysters
- Boiled Shrimps
- Mussel’s Belgium Style
- Cold Bean Salad with Shrimps
- Saute Mushrooms with Bacon
- Smoked Ham
- Others…


- Seafood Cataplana
- Boiled Lobster
- Fried Red Shrimps
- Lobster with Saffron Sauce
- Seafood Paella
- Others…


- Monkfish Rice with Shrimps
- Fried Filet of Stone Bass
- Clams Rice
- Grilled Cuttlefish
- Sea Bream Cooked on Salt
- Monkfish Gratiné
- Grilled Sea Bass
- Others…


- Grilled Veal Chop
- Fried Steak with Cream Bacon & Tomato Sauce
- Grilled Lamb Chops
- Others…


- Chocolate Cake
- Clouds with Sweet Eggs
- Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce
- Chocolate Profiteroles
- Chocolate Mousse
- Ice-Cream with Berries
- Season’s Fruit
- Others…

Wine List

Entraguas Restaurant offers one interesting wine list, focusing in particular on the regions of Alentejo and Douro. Anyway, wines from around the country are available, from Dão to Setúbal, passing through Lisbon.

Where to go
 Marginal Road (1) 
 Cascais (2) 
 Estoril (3) 
 Guicho (4) 
 Roca Cape (5) 
 Sintra (6) 

(1) Considered one of the most beautiful in Europe, Marginal Road provides beautiful scenic rides, especially when the sun sets over the Atlantic.

(2) Within an area of 500 m, Cascais has everything one needs to have fun: beaches, restaurants, shopping and movie theaters.

(3) If you like walking, try the Paredão, the maritime walk that connects Cascais to Estoril. Enjoy the bars by the sea and try your luck in Europe’s biggest Casino.

(4) A worldly known beach where several windsurf and surf competitions are regularly held. Guincho’s natural beauty and microclimate make it unique.

(5) At the western’s most point in continental Europe, a lighthouse stands 140m above the sea. In the Tourism Office get your ‘been there’ certificate.

(6) Revive the immortal work of Lord Byron going through Sintra’s narrow streets and footpaths of the mysterious Serra. Don’t miss Quinta da Regaleira.

contacts & location
I spend most of my time
here at the Restaurant...
So I tried to create an environment where I feel like Home.
Maria Ana Pinto
Maria Ana Pinto
Restaurante Entraguas
Av. Diana Spencer
2750-331 Cascais
[javascript protected email address]
+351 968 093 159
Chamada Rede Movel Nacional
+351 214 843 258
Chamada Rede Fixa Nacional
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